Small Wedding Ideas for an intimate weddingSmall Wedding Ideas – First let’s consider why couples think about the ‘idea’ of a small wedding

Wow, who knows….and of course everyone is different, but I’ll vouch it’s probably one of two schools of thought.

Firstly, it can be cheaper. A lot cheaper!

And yes, in these troubled economic times I’m sure the budget does play a big part in the wedding plans of many couples…it has to.

So for some planning a small wedding, it’s a case of needs must. A guest list of two hundred just isn’t doable financially and a more modest affair is reluctantly the order of the day.

However there is an alternative school of thought; one that is not constrained by a restrictive budget. Now speaking personally I fall into the second category. When I married my gorgeous wife we had no money concerns per say…..but small wedding ideas quite literally permeated the air in the planning stages. Why?

Put simply it was what we both wanted. My wife and I are both quite reserved in our personalities and neither of us craves the limelight so to speak. To us it was the most natural thing in the world to thrash out ideas and thoughts of a small wedding.


What are the advantages of a small wedding?

Okay I’ve mentioned the budget but what else could be seen as advantageous? I mean a small wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be cheap does it? Some can be positively lavish!

Well here are my thoughts on the matter for you to chew over:

A small wedding will by definition have small numbers of guests. Thereby the whole atmosphere of your wedding day will be one intimacy and far more likely to be romantic than if you have hundreds of guests, many of whom you hardly know.

Ideas for a small wedding venue

Again, because the numbers are low, your choice of a venue for a small wedding is greatly enhanced. Many unique wedding venues can be used which can only accommodate smaller numbers. Do some research to get these small wedding ideas for your venue.You might want to consider restaurants, pubs, small museums, small country homes, the glass house of the local botanic gardens and so on. Many of these may not normally accommodate weddings but if you ask, some will actually say yes! As far as restaurants are concerned the sky is the limit. All restaurants are in the hospitality business and there are some gorgeous and intimate venues around which are perfect for a small wedding. There is a lot of useful information here about all types of wedding venues . Generally aimed at a Glasgow audience this site still some useful information about small wedding venues.

Small weddings can be more meaningful

For me the most important reason why the idea of a small wedding should resonate with some couples is the way it makes them feel. I know I felt so much more comfortable and at ease than I would have at a large affair. I knew all the guests very well and felt very comfortable talking to them all. Likewise all the guests knew my wife and I very well and in the main knew each other very well too. There were no periods of awkwardness for anyone that I’m aware of. Due to the small numbers you also have so much more time to be able to ‘circulate’ as it were.

It is far more likely that your guests will actually want to be present at your small wedding as they like and care about you and as such everyone tends to have a lot more fun once the drinks start to flow.  No one feels uncomfortable in any way and you don’t get people going for a cigarette outside so much, which often is really just a time out. Again because the numbers of guests were low we had time as a couple, to plan special things for them…almost on an individual basis. This is where the concept of small wedding ideas for this blog originated from.


The idea of small a wedding is not for all

For anyone reading this that has had a big lavish wedding with hundreds of guests, or indeed if you are planning such an affair, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that this isn’t as good. Everyone is different and different couples want and need different things. For some the idea of a small wedding wouldn’t sit well and they’d want to have as many people as possible present to celebrate with them.

For me however, seeing my close family and friends sitting around a table sharing a meal together, chatting laughing and enjoying the day is a memory we will cherish for ever. We really got the sense that they were celebrating with us and that meant so much to us.